Artist’s Universe



“Artist’s Universe” [art project] (2014)



Inspired by experience of public painting, this time, the goal of the project was to bring the public to the artist’s studio. To achieve this, all the painting sessions were recorded, and edited. combined with originally composed music with the intention of showing the magic that hides behinds the creative process.


The paintings show humans in a intensely inspired gestures, surrounded by mysterious scenarios with reminds us the nebulae form outer space, and also the magic imaginarium of contemporary audiovisual culture.


The serie is painted with Acrylic technique on canvas, with metallic and mixed media effects. The sytle is done in a realistic-figurative way, with components of expressionist gestural brush full of movemente, with hard contrast of light and color and symbolic written elements.

The painting sessions were always coordinated with the video team and was a new experience of the dialog between two completely different disciplines.



Music registered code: 1412132760506


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