Mr. Thready


Mr. Thready  is an adventure game where you take on the role of a little voodoo doll who has suddenly wake up in a huge sewing factory abandoned in the 50’s. Players must solve puzzles and riddles to move through the different levels, avoiding deadly dangers inside the factory.

From the scratch to the end, everything is hand-drawn meticulously. Made with care, passion and a high level of detail, focused in colors, textures, shapes and objects of the era. This way, players can feel the essence of the decade in which the adventure unfolds.


Handmade illustrations.
Characters, props, scenarios… Everything is hand-drawn with a high level of detail, making the whole scenario in line with the era in which the adventure unfolds.

No inventory.
Unlike most games where you have an inventory full of objects you need to combine to obtain new items, in Mr. Thready you will have to fuse or join objects together in the scene. Depending on the object equipped the character will have a different behavior.

No text.
The game uses its own language based on small illustrations, animations and sounds. No translations will be necessary (except maybe the usual new game, load game, exit titles). Although we will try to find a way to do this without words.

Given the dangerous environment, you can see yourself in situations where, if you act hastily, you will put the character’s life in great danger. Nevertheless you will have a chance if you react quickly.